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Kicker L710 Q-Class 10-Inch (25cm) Square Subwoofer, Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm


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Kicker Q-Class L7 10-inch Subwoofer, Dual 4-Ohm - THE NEW L7

The L7 stands alone as the most unique subwoofer on the market, with a cone shape that is exclusively designed to produce more output.


The KICKER L7™ Subwoofer again reaches new heights in technology and design, capturing the imaginations of 2015 CES® Innovation Award judges and solidifying itself as the crown jewel among industry subwoofers. For more than a decade, KICKER’s square woofer earned numerous awards including several CES accolades, and the 2015 version once again makes distinctive improvements on its way to another honor.

Square Matters

A KICKER® original, our square subwoofers deliver 20% more surface area than a comparable circular sub. A bigger cone moves more air, so you get more sound!

Massive Motor

Extreme power handling needs a motor worthy of the KICKER name. Oversized magnets and an aluminum voice coil allow every drop of power to get from the sub to your ears.

Keep it Cool

The Uniplate™ is a KICKER original, combining the pole piece and back plate as a single, seamless unit to pull damaging heat away from the sub. With heat management this advanced, you get the bass you crave – for as long as you crave it.

Lean in the Corners

Our patented Santoprene™ corners allow your KICKER subs to play smooth, distortion-free music at any volume level.

Strong Suspension

Our Blue Lace™ spider and ribbed surround work together to give you the best suspension for your L7. You get unparalleled accuracy and volume to feel every note - every time.

General Specifications

Rated Impedance [Ω] 4
Fs [Hz] 37.5
Sensitivity [1W, 1m] 85.9
Qts 0.507
Qms 9.791
Qes 0.535
Re [Ω] 7.9
Vas [ft³, L] 1, 28.32
Continuous Power Handling [Watts RMS] 750
Outer Frame Dimension [in, cm] 10-11/16, 27.2
Mounting Depth [in, cm] 6-7/8, 17.5
Mounting Cutout [in, cm] 9-5/16, 23.7
Frequency Response [Hz] 24 - 100
Minimum Sealed Volume ft3 (L) .8 (22.65)
Minimum Sealed Power Handling 750W RMS
Maximum Sealed Volume ft3 (L) 1.25 (35.4)
Maximum Sealed Power Handling 750W RMS
Box Volume [ft³, L] .8 (22.65)
Panel A [in, cm] 13.5X13.5, 34.3X34.3
Panel B [in, cm] 13.5x9.5, 34.3x24.13
Panel C [in, cm] 12x9.5, 30.5x24.13
Vented Compact
Box Volume, ft³ (L) + port displacement 1.25 (35.4)
Port Opening Size, in x in (cm x cm) 2.5x11.25 (6.4x29)
Port Length, in (cm) 19.75 (49)
Power Handling, RMS 750
Vented SQ
Box Volume, ft³ (L) + port displacement 2.25 (63.7)
Port Opening Size, in x in (cm x cm) 3x11.25 (7.6x29)
Port Length, in (cm) 18 (46)
Power Handling, RMS 750

Cross Section


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RMS Power In Watts:
10 Inch
Voice Coil:
Impedance Per Voice Coil:
Feature 1:
Mounting Depth [in, cm] 6-7/8, 17.5
Feature 2:
Continuous Power Handling [Watts RMS] 750
Feature 3:
Rated Impedance [Ω] 4
Feature 4:
Frequency Response [Hz] 24 - 100
Manufacturer SKU:
27.5500 lbs