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CreativeAudio.Net Has Offered Car, Marine, Motorcycle, Powersport and Home Lifestyle Products with Pride for Over 30 Years. Started in Pittsburg, KS in 1991 we've since grown to numerous retail locations around the Ozarks and have greatly expanded our online offerings.
Creative Audio is an automotive, marine and home lifestyle company that provides excellent product, innovation, and custom installations. We created an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. We are home to very creative installers and innovators, and we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service in the market. Give us a call today and you'll see that we strive for nothing less than Five-Star service.

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10 Inch Subwoofers

subwoofers-01-01-1.jpgBelieve it or not, without a subwoofer in your car you may be missing out on about 20% of your music! Whether you’re looking for some serious thunder or some sweet lows Creative has the perfect subwoofer for you and your car. For whatever subwoofer you choose I’m sure we have the perfect amplifier to match!

  • Focal SUB-P-25-FSE 250mm / 560w Slim Subwoofer



    Focal SUB-P-25-FSE 250mm / 560w Slim Subwoofer

    MSRP: $480.00

    In addition to its 560-watt power and its Flax cone for a natural sound, one of the key features of the P 25 FSE subwoofer is its slim design, making it light and even easier to install in your vehicle. Its built-in motor adds to its compactness, without...

  • Focal E25KX 10” Subwoofer



    Focal E25KX 10” Subwoofer

    MSRP: $1,140.00

    10” Subwoofer 25cm (10″) Subwoofer Compact size High power For sealed and vented enclosure [0.6 to 0.77 cu ft (17 to 22L)] in sealed for optimized performance Specifications: woofer diameter 10″ voice coil diameter 2-9/16″ (65mm) voice coil height 2...

  • Focal SUB-P-25-FE 250mm / 600w Subwoofer



    Focal SUB-P-25-FE 250mm / 600w Subwoofer

    MSRP: $480.00

    The P 25 FE subwoofer is equipped with Focal's exclusive Flax cone, guaranteeing an impressive rigidity and bass reproduction with impact. Robust and reliable, its shaped rubber surround allows impressive articulation, synonymous with dense and deep low...