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- HCE-C104-K

Alpine HCE-C104 Rear View Camera

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Wide viewing angle
Dimensions: 29/32" x 29/32" x 1-1/9"
Works with INA-W910, INA-W900BT, INA-W900, IVA-W505, IVA-W203, iXA-W404, iXA-W407, IVA-D106, INE-S920HD, or INE-Z928HD
Mounting kit included
Included Accessories
(x1) Rearview camera
(x1) Power cable
(x1) Camera mounting bracket w/ hexagon screw mount
(x1) Hexagonal wrench
(x1) 3.5meter Camera extension cable
(x1) Heat shrink tube
(x6) Self-tapping mounting screws
Source Flexibility
The HCE-C104 makes it easy to add to an Alpine AVN or other brand A/V head units with composite video rear view camera inputs.

Wide View Parking with Precision
Your Fav SourceThe HCE-C104 has a viewing angle field of a horizontal 132º and vertical 105º in standard view mode, to ensure easy backup parking with precision.

Unleash Parking Assistant & Ground-View
When used with the VPASS (VPX-B104R) system your HCE-C104 will transcend into an intelligent parking assistant that puts you at ease when parking your vehicle. Connect this camera to the VPASS system and you’ll discover more on-screen guidance and an additional ground-view mode.

Power Requirements: 9V - 16V DC
Ground Type: Negative ground type
Output Image: Mirror image, VBCS (NTSC Color signal system)
Output Drive Capacity: 75 Ohm
Image Sensor: 1/4 Type Color CMOS image sensor, aspect ratio 4:3
Effective Number of Pixels: 640(horizontal)x 480(vertical) approximately 300,000 pixels
Lens Section: Focal length f=1.28mm, brightness f=2.4
Angle of field: Horizontal: 132º Vertical: 105º
Automatic image adjusting function: Automatic metering and white balance adjustment
Synchro-System: Internal synchronization
S/N: 40dB or more
Resolution(horizontal): 300 lines (center area)
Illumination Range: 1.5 lx to 100,000 lx
Operating Temperature Range: 40ºC to +85ºC)
External Dimensions (WxHXD): Camera section: 29/32" x 29/32" x 1-1/9" (23mm x 23mm x 28.15mm)
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Free 2-Day Shipping!

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Feature 1:
132-degree horizontal and 105-degree vertical viewing angles
Feature 2:
illumination range: 1.5 to 100,000 lux
Feature 3:
1/4" CMOS image sensor with 300,000 pixel resolution
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