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- M6-880ETXv3-Gw-C-GwGw-i-UOB

JL Audio 8.8-Inch M6 ETXv3 Tower Speaker System, RGB LED, Gloss White, Classic Grille - SKU: M6-880ETXv3-Gw-C-GwGw-i - Open Box

MSRP: $1,249.99 , - $180.00 Savings

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JL Audio M6-880ETXv3-Gw-C-GwGw-i

JL Audio 8.8-Inch M6 ETXv3 Tower Speaker System, RGB LED, Gloss White, Classic Grille - SKU: M6-880ETXv3-Gw-C-GwGw-i

Clamps sold separately - Click HERE to find the perfect size for your application.

M6 Loudspeakers fulfill JL Audio’s commitment to raise the bar with each product generation. The JL Audio engineering team has completely reinvented the premium marine loudspeaker, with major improvements in performance, precision and durability. Offered in multiple sizes and cosmetic options, most models are also available with a brilliant, new lighting technology.

Coaxial Speaker Technology

Every M6 coaxial loudspeaker starts with a long-excursion woofer designed with JL Audio’s proprietary motor, suspension and cone modeling systems to yield superior frequency response, smooth mid-range dispersion and linear performance at all listening levels. JL Audio’s acoustics laboratory in Miramar, Florida performs extensive testing on multiple generations of prototypes to refine every design and extract maximum performance.

Matching Silk-Dome Tweeters

Since the different size woofers in the M6 coaxials have different upper frequency response limits, each size pairs with its own specially designed, matching silk dome tweeter (0.8, 1.0, or 1.25-inch diameter). Each of these tweeters is precisely tuned via a rear cavity that optimizes its mid-range extension to seamlessly transition with its matching woofer. The result is smooth, evenly dispersed sound throughout the critical crossover region, making the overall sonic presentation clean and clear.

Advanced Built-In Crossover Networks

Crossover networks are a critical part of the M6 coaxial speakers’ acoustic design and are considerably more sophisticated than those used in most marine coaxial speakers. The M6-650X employs a 1st order low-pass and 2nd order high-pass filter, while the M6-770X and M6-880X apply a 2nd order low-pass and 3rd order high-pass filter. Each crossover network also employs an electronic tweeter protection circuitto minimize the possibility of tweeter failure.
The multiple components required inthese crossovers are laid out on a ring-shaped circuit board that is built into each speaker’s terminal assembly, ensuring that the crossover is secure and protected from the elements.

Transflective™ LED Illumination

Optional on most M6 models is JL Audio’s Transflective™ LED technology. By emitting light from multiple LEDs through our specially engineered cone material, this patent-pending breakthrough delivers a beautiful cone illumination effect, with no hot spots or reflections on the cone surface.
Choose from seven fixed lighting colors or control the color and intensity of the lighting actively using a lighting controller accessory (sold separately). Separate 12V wiring is required to power the illumination.

General Specifications

Mounting Application Tower
Continuous Power Handling (RMS) 125 W
Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS) 50 - 250 W / Ch.
System Efficiency 90.5 dB @ 1 W / 1 m
System Nominal Impedance 4 Ω
System Frequency Response 38 Hz - 20 KHz ± 3 dB

Physical Specifications

Enclosure Diameter (A) 8.80 in / 196 mm
Enclosure Depth (B) 14.73 in / 374 mm
Height including Mounting Clamp Receiver* (C) 9.67 in / 246 mm
Mounting Clamp Receiver / Enclosure Offset (D) 0.87 in / 22 mm

Wiring Harness Info

16 AWG Red/Stripe Speaker Positive (+)
16 AWG Black/Stripe Speaker Negative (-)
20 AWG Yellow Main RGB LED Positive (+12V)
20 AWG Red Red RGB LED Negative (-)
20 AWG Green Green RGB LED Negative (-)
20 AWG Blue Blue RGB LED Negative (-)

Pipe Clamps

Most Commonly Used Clamps - These are sold separately and not included in this product on it's own.

Want to view all the ETXv3 mounting adapters?Click HERE to find the perfect mount for your application.

Need help determining the correct Pipe-Mounting Clamp for your installation?
Download the Pipe-Mounting Clamp Ruler.

Fixed Clamps

Swivel Clamps

Boat Specific Clamps & Specialty

An item in perfect working condition. Original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is intact and in good condition with minor damage possible. Instructions are included.
Manufacturer SKU:
8.8 Inch
RMS Wattage Per Speaker:
101+ watts
Feature 1:
Enclosed in these beautiful, injection-molded enclosures are our maximum-performance, oversized M6 8.8-inch coaxial tower speakers, delivering clean, loud audio that can be heard well beyond the boat when mounted up high.
Feature 2:
The huge woofer cone area advantage offers greater efficiency and bass output, which is complemented by the clear, smooth sound of an oversized 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter.
Feature 3:
These enclosures feature a decorative, aluminum logo cap on the end opposite the speaker, which can be oriented to match any custom mounting application.
Feature 4:
For best results, we recommend powering these systems with an amplifier in the 50-250 W per channel range.
Feature 5:
The patent-pending Transflective™ RGB LED technology emits a smooth lighting effect through the woofer cone, with a choice of several lighting colors. Add an optional RGB controller to create thousands of color variations.
31.0000 lbs