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- SB-N-ALT/10W3v3-KB

JL Audio Refurbished Stealthbox SB-N-ALT/10W3v3 Nissan Altima

MSRP: $499.99 , - $125.00 Savings
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Nissan's mid-size sedan is a perennial best-seller for its strong combination of performance, value and looks... but the sound system options are all pretty weak in the low-frequency department. To tackle this problem, our design team formulated a vehicle-specific design for Altima owners that sounds amazing and takes up very little cargo space. This intelligent solution tucks into the rear corner of the trunk and houses a powerful 10-inch JL Audio driver in a sealed fiberglass enclosure. Bass output and quality are simply stunning. If have you have been considering remedying that weak sounding factory bass or building a complete aftermarket dream system, this Stealthbox® is a fantastic starting point.

The Hard Data: Contains one 10W3v3-2 subwoofer in a sealed enclosure. 500 watt power handling. Wired for 2 ohm mono. Installs against driver side wheel well. Stealthbox® includes black, steel-mesh grille to protect the driver. Will not fit Altima Coupe (2-Door) Models. Will not fit Altima Hybrid.

Refurbished FAQ

Refurbished Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does refurbished mean? Refurbished products may be unused customer returns that are essentially "new" items, or they may be defective products that were returned under warranty, and resold by the manufacturer after repairing the defects and ensuring proper function.
  • What is the warranty? All of our manufacturer refurbished items come with a 90-day warranty. Compared to the new products we carry generally having a 1-year or longer warranty. (JL Audio Amps are 2-years, and all of Wet Sounds carries a 2-year warranty when new)
  • What's it look like? A lot of the manufacturer refurbished products we sell generally look very good, and sometimes you can't even tell. However, these products can have some wear and tare on them, and we generally rate them an 8/10 cosmetically, and perfect 10/10 functionally.
  • What was wrong with it? We aren't told what is wrong with each and every product. Like stated above, they could have just been a return or they may have had an issue. Regardless, they are all combed over by their respective manufacturer to function as new before being shipped to us.
  • Have more questions? Call us, send us a chat, or an email. We'll be able to answer any additional questions you may have.
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Free 2-Day Shipping!
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