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CreativeAudio.Net Has Offered Car, Marine, Motorcycle, Powersport and Home Lifestyle Products with Pride for Over 30 Years. Started in Pittsburg, KS in 1991 we've since grown to numerous retail locations around the Ozarks and have greatly expanded our online offerings.
Creative Audio is an automotive, marine and home lifestyle company that provides excellent product, innovation, and custom installations. We created an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. We are home to very creative installers and innovators, and we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service in the market. Give us a call today and you'll see that we strive for nothing less than Five-Star service.

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At Creative Audio we strive to bring you the best products, at the best prices, with the best support, just like we have been doing for the past 25 years. You can rest easy knowing we are not just one of those other retailers who sell brands without permission or support from the manufacturer. We bring you the best, with the warranties you can count on. Continue reading to see the great products we offer from the biggest names in the industry.


JL Audio is an independent United States company that brings incredible products to your home, powersports vehicles, and your car and truck. The quality behind their products and the pride that goes into them set them apart from many other companies in the industry, Behind all of their efforts is a strong belief that great audio has real value. Throughout the whole company you will find people who live and breathe audio, take it seriously, and love their career in such an awesome field. 

To maintain such high standards with their patented and proprietary technologies JL Audio actually builds many of their premium subwoofers, marine audio, and Stealthbox enclosures right here in the U.S. JL Audio creates an experience you have to hear to believe. And as a JL Audio Signature dealer, you know we can pass on their engineering along to you with outstanding customer service. 


Since ARC Audio’s inception in 1998, ARC Audio has created one of the world's largest networks of dedicated professionals, each showing their commitment in sharing the vision of creating one of the largest family-oriented networks in the mobile electronics industry.

ARC Audio commitment to excellence and the finest built most reliable product starts with its hands-on approach to manufacturing. Unprecedented detail and care in the manufacturing of all ARC products start with in house parts ordering, IQC, product assembly training before every production run, experienced tenured assemblers and extensive quality control and testing program with the lasting touch of ARC Audio's white glove treatment of all levels of ARC Audio products.


Authorized Kicker DealerIt all began in 1973 as a two-man operation building speaker-systems in a one-car garage. With few resources but an intense love for music Steve Irby all but invented the mobile enclosure market in his Oklahoma Community when he developed the first original Kicker. It was the first full range speaker box developed specifically for cars and trucks.  From that point to today, delivering concert-like audio quality at a variety of volume levels while still maintaining renowned bass and accurate sound has always been the Kicker way.

Kicker has been a leader in automotive audio innovation and after 35 years also jumped into the home and personal audio market with bluetooth digital media devices and high-performance headphones and earbuds. Kicker still remains in its home state of Oklahoma in the city of Stillwater. Kicker products are designed and shipped from their 280,000 square-foot facility that is called home by nearly 200 energetic individuals who want nothing more than to push the limits of audio design technology and performance.  


Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., is the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics, founded in 1978. Alpine is the only manufacturer specializing in mobile multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment, security and navigation products for your mobile entertainment. As a consolidated subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world's premier manufacturers of electronic components for computer, communications and car electronic equipment, Alpine is the specialized supplier of quality mobile electronics systems.

Alpine strives to answer the demands of consumers and automakers for high-quality, competitively priced products. The company utilizes leading edge, digital technology in pursuit of excellence in sound reproduction. With the vision of combining music, visual images and information, Alpine's Mobile Multimedia systems exceed concept expectations for a new kind of driving experience for the next century.

Alpine is generating a new kind of in-vehicle space based on the convergence of high performance audio, video, navigation and telematics in the form of Mobile Multimedia. In-vehicle navigation systems are the resource center of the company's Mobile Multimedia lineup. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), digital versatile disc (DVD) players, Dolby Digital systems, satellite digital audio radio, mobile data linking and communication through telematics devices will be fused with navigation systems to create a platform of products.



Memphis Audio was established in 1965 out of a deep respect for quality sound and an appreciation for music. We are located in the heart Memphis, Tennessee, the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock & roll. Music is our heritage, and our passion for quality sound can be seen in every product we make. The “M” badge is a symbol of pride and represents quality and performance backed by over a half century of audio engineering. This badge has graced some of the most iconic amplifiers and subwoofers the industry has ever seen and will continue to do so for another 50 years.

Music defines generations, it memorializes moments in time and brings us back to some of the most meaningful events in our lives. Memphis Audio recognize that that music is a key part of life and Memphis Audio design their products to elevate your music to maximize your life experience. Whether you're an audiophile in need of the ultra-refined SixFive Series speaker or a basshead looking to unleash the raw power of their MOJO subwoofers, we've got your back. Memphis Audio will continue to make products that bring a smile to the face of those who share their passion for music and Memphis Audio will continue to elevate life for our customers one bass drop at a time. Memphis is Music, respect your music.


FUSION Electronics Ltd was founded in New Zealand in 1998 as a home grown car audio brand grown out of the Founders passion for cars, music and the surrounding street culture.

That was their battle plan back in 1998 and they’ve succeeded; growing steadily to become the global champion they are today. A global expansion powered by their passion for high quality audio and an unrivaled sense of fun.

Strength in product design coupled with innovative thinking has led to FUSION’s growth into new product categories, and the development of a world-leading marine audio product range to compliment the already strong car audio offering. FUSION is now poised to grow even further, and become a fully fledged global electronics brand.

Since modest beginnings in New Zealand, subsidiaries have now been established in the UK, USA and Australia, with distribution in over 30 countries and strong growth in far-flung territories such as Russia and Tahiti.



JBL is an American audio company founded in 1946. Founded by James B. Lansing (JBL) after he left the Altec Lansing company to form his own independent brand. Born out of the desire to celebrate the brilliance and craft of artists, JBL has long been dedicated to the pursuit of one truth - capturing the energy and emotion of the live performance.

JBL has an undeniably rich heritage in audio. They are trusted by major concert venues, stadiums and music professionals around the globe.



JVC was established in Yokohama, Japan in 1927 as the Japanese subsidiary of the U.S. firm, Victor Talking Machine Company. Born as a company that manufactured phonographs, they also pressed the first record in Japan, offering a rare combination of hardware and software production capability. Subsequently, as evidenced by the production of the world’s first VHS video deck, JVC developed into a leading technological innovator in the audio/video industry, creating new products that are a step ahead of the times for a worldwide audience.

Almost a century later and JVC is still on the forefront of innovation. With new Audio/Video receivers with iDatalink Maestro support, HDMI interfacing, Bluetooth technology and clean, sleek interfaces, you can be assured that there is a JVC receiver just right for you.



Founded in 1968 by Arnie Nudell, John Ulrick and Cary Christie, Infinity has produced home and mobile audio products by employing innovative materials such as neodymium magnets, mylar diaphragms, and polypropylene cones. The company's first product was the Servo-Static speaker system which, as the name implies, consisted of electrostatic main panels and a revolutionary servo controlled woofer based on the bomb guidance systems Nudell was developing at the time for defense contractor Litton.

In the late 1970s Infinity introduced the EMIT (electromagnetic induction tweeter) and EMIM (electromagnetic induction midrange) drivers. These were flat quasi-ribbons that worked to move air based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The system used samarium–cobalt magnets, allowing for a very low ribbon driver mass-per-unit area. Variants were made, such as the EMIT-R (radial emit), the S-EMIT (super emit) and the L-EMIM (large emim). The IRS (Infinity Reference System) was an ultra-high end system, selling at US$65,000 in the 1980s. It consisted of 76 EMIT tweeters, 24 EMIM midrange drivers, and twelve 12-inch polypropylene woofers in four towers. The Reference, and later Kappa series, were discontinued when Nudell sold Infinity to Harman Kardon.



Viper is security and convenience for your modern lifestyle.

Viper is the world's best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. We use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time.

Viper is the world's best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. We use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time.



Wet Sounds™ is a marine audio manufacturer based out of Texas. Wet Sounds™ was founded by a group of audio industry veterans to deliver a new level of performance and style to the marine industry. Combining their expertise in audio and their passion for boating, Wet Sounds™, Inc. was launched to create a new level of standards as a "High Performance Marine Audio" manufacturer. 

Wet Sounds™, Inc. is a manufacturer with the innovation and experience to provide you with the highest performing marine audio ever. They are dedicated only to the marine industry to develop proprietary products and technologies that are not found anywhere else in the world. These products offer incredible performance and one of kind aesthetic looks. All backed by a group that knows marine audio.