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- 2XL-463-UOB-K

PowerBass 2XL-463 - 4x6" Coaxial Speakers - Pair - Open Box

MSRP: $77.99 , - $28.99 Savings
PowerBass 2XL-463 4x6" Full Range Speakers, Pair

PowerBass engineers have raised the bar on great sound with the introduction of the new 2XL range of coaxial speakers. Completely redesigned for 2016 the 2XL series deliver crystal clear sound quality with deep warm tones.

If you need a high quality speaker yet have a vehicle with special mounting requirements, this is the series for you. Whether you need a 4” or a 6”x8” coaxial, we can fit most needs. We even offer a 6.5” thin mount speaker where you want all of the bass but do not have much space.

The 2XL series also uses the 3-0 system, 3-Ohm impedance for more efficient use of your amplifier's power. With Butyl Rubber surrounds, you get high efficiency and lower bass response with lower distortion.

PowerBass's redesigned tweeters are using a very high grade Emperors Silk that has been enhanced with Ferrofluid. Ferrofluid is a liquid infused with magnetic particles that was developed by NASA—it creates less friction resulting in louder distortion free high frequencies.

Features -
• 4x6" Co-Axial Speaker System
• OEM Drop in Replacement Design
• Hybrid 4 Layer Paper/Wool Blend Woofer Cone
• Butyl Rubber Surround
• 10 oz. Motor Structure
• EFF Motor Structures (Efficient Flux Field)
• Rigid Tooled Basket With Flat Black Finish
• 1" Silk Dome Tweeter
• 3-ohm System Impedance

Specifications -
• Nominal Impedance: 3-ohm
• Material: Non woven wool paper / silk dome tweeter
• Magnet Size: 10 oz
• Sensitivity (1W / 1M): 88 dB
• Mounting Depth: 2.3 in
• Size: 4x6 in
• Sensitivity: 88 dB
• Frequency Response: 68 Hz - 20 kHz
• Power Handling (RMS/Peak): 50 / 100 watts
An item in perfect working condition. Original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is intact and in good condition with minor damage possible. Instructions are included.
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Feature 1:
4x6" Co-Axial Speaker System
Feature 2:
OEM Drop in Replacement Design
Feature 3:
Hybrid 4 Layer Paper/Wool Blend Woofer Cone
Feature 4:
1" Silk Dome Tweeter
Feature 5:
3-ohm System Impedance to squeeze more power out of your factory amplifiers
3.9000 lbs