Audison AP 2 MV Wide-Range 2" Component Tweeters (Pair)


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You save $35.01


Prima AP 2 MW wide range car audio reproduces the entire range of mid and high frequencies and is perfect for cars of the GM, Ford and Toyota group with 50 mm (2 in.) OEM placements in the dashboard or A-pillar, where it is combined with an elliptical woofer in the car door. The provided adapter allows direct OEM replacement for many General Motors*, Toyota* and Mercedes* vehicles.

The compact size and excellent electroacoustic parameters make it ideal also to be used as a midrange in 3-way systems, as a surround speaker or as a central channel, housed in OEM placements, where the space requirements would not allow the use of a speaker with a larger diameter.

The advantage of emitting the entire spectrum of frequencies by itself, responsible for creating the virtual stage with absolute phase coherence, ensures a wide acoustic scene concentrated in the upper side of the dashboard. The very low distortion and the lack of crossover point in the mid-high range also provides a natural and pleasant listening experience.

Through careful research and simulation, the R&D team was able to maximize electroacoustic performance for a typical OEM application.

The resonance frequency of 145 Hz, a very low value for a 50 mm (2 in.) loudspeaker, was obtained thanks to the use of a 25 mm (1 in.) voice coil, ensuring a controlled extension at low frequencies for an optimal crossover point with the woofer.

The aluminum cone, in combination with the copper shorting ring that flattens the impedance, allows for the response to be extended up to 20 kHz. The special magnetic group made with double symmetrical Neodymium magnet also contributes to achieve this exceptional extension at high frequencies while maintaining very compact dimensions.

Technical Data
Comp: Wide range
Size: 50 mm (2″)
Power Handling: 25 W Continuous Power, 50 W Peak Power
Impedance: 4 Ω
Frequency Response: 150 ÷ 20k Hz
Sensitivity: 84 dB/Spl
Magnet: Neodymium
Dome: Aluminum

Extra Information

2.00 LBS
Feature 1:
Ultra-wide frequency response ranging from 150 Hz to 20 kHz allowing the entire virtual stage to be concentrated on the top side of the dashboard.
Feature 2:
25 mm (1 in.) CCAW double layer coil for excellent power handling and low frequency extension.
Feature 3:
Powerful magnetic assembly made of a symmetrical double Neodymium magnet for optimal excursion control.
Feature 4:
Aluminium cone and copper shorting ring for a high frequency response up to 20 kHz
Feature 5:
Ultra-compact design, thanks to the specifically designed basket and neodymium motor, to facilitate dashboard and A-pillar OEM installations.
2.0000 lbs
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