Creative Audio CAMC1 Marine Single DIN Radio Mounting Kit with Retractable Cover


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Introducing our Creative Audio Radio/Water Resistant Single-DIN Stereo Housing, the perfect solution to protect your stereo from the elements. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, this housing is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, boaters, and anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite tunes in any weather condition.

Quick Features:
• Designed to work with standard mounting sleeves included with most all single-DIN receivers.
• Protects Your Stereo from the elements
• Smoke colored housing window
• Spring loaded flip up door
• Support shelf in rear of housing for radio
• UV resistant plastic
• Mounting Gasket included

Crafted from UV resistant plastic, this housing features a smoke-colored window that not only shields your radio from rain, dust, and UV rays but also adds a sleek and modern touch to your setup. The window allows for easy viewing and access to your stereo controls, ensuring convenient operation while keeping your system well-protected. With its spring-loaded flip-up door, this housing offers quick and effortless access to your stereo system. Say goodbye to fumbling around or dealing with complicated latches. With a simple flip, you can instantly open or close the door, providing immediate access to your audio controls whenever you need them.

To further enhance convenience and functionality, the housing includes a support shelf at the rear. This shelf provides a stable and secure platform for your radio, ensuring it stays in place even during rough rides or turbulent waters. Say goodbye to worries about your stereo shifting or getting damaged during your outdoor adventures.

To make installation a breeze, we've included a mounting gasket with the housing & Four Screws. This gasket ensures a secure and watertight seal, keeping your stereo safe from any potential water damage.

Upgrade your audio experience today and invest in the protection for your stereo system.

Extra Information

1.00 LBS
Feature 1:
Built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection for your stereo system
Feature 2:
The smoke-colored housing window not only adds a sleek look but also provides clear visibility of your stereo's display and controls.
Feature 3:
The spring-loaded flip-up door allows convenient access to your stereo, making it effortless to change settings or insert/remove CDs or cassettes.
Feature 4:
Crafted from UV-resistant plastic, the housing effectively shields your stereo from the harmful effects of sun exposure, preventing discoloration or damage.
Feature 5:
The mounting gasket is included, ensuring a secure and snug fit for your stereo system within the housing, minimizing vibrations and potential water intrusion.
1.0000 lbs
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