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- FIT9.660

Focal FIT9.660 9-channel Amplifier/DSP - 660 Watt RMS, 3x20, 6x100

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Delivering a total power of 660 watts RMS, the ultra-compact FIT 9.660 amplifier/DSP (Digital Sound Processor) provides power, dynamics and depth to the sound delivered by your audio system. Enjoy total listening pleasure from your head unit and your favourite in-car music. FIT 9.660 is the perfect complement to the Focal Inside Plug and Play kits. Compatible with a wide range of kits and vehicle models, the Focal experts have developed specific audio configurations so that you can enjoy this ultimate audio solution to the full.

To meet all needs and adapt to different factory head units, the FIT 9.660 can breathe life into your speaker drivers in the simplest configurations (front, back, subwoofer) as well as the most complex, thanks to its 9 output channels. A multichannel amplifier for multiple audio configuration options, it is nevertheless very compact for a discreet and easy installation in every vehicle.

The DSP (Digital Sound Processing) integrates input setting filters. It also offers a 10-band parametric EQ per channel, a time alignment and refined filters on outputs, as well as many refined adjustable settings, including: bass boost, compressors, loudness, master volume, surround, and progressive phase inverter. The channels incorporate an active crossover (high-pass, low-pass and band-pass) to perfectly configure the sound response based on the speaker drivers used, achieving the sharpest possible sound.

3 class A/B channels (tweeters + center channel)
6 class D channels (woofers / subwoofers)
CEA Power (4Ώ)
3x20W RMS + 6x70W RMS
3x20W RMS (4Ω) + 6x100W RMS (2Ω)
Max. Power 1 300W
10 bands parametric EQ (input & output channels)
High / low / band pass crossovers (12/24dB with variable Q factor)
Delay with 0.05ms steps per channel
Parametric limiter for each output channel (‘’power’’ limitation)
Expander / compressor (limitation of courant)
Parametric phase inversion
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Feature 1:
Audio settings dedicated to your vehicle downloadable online
Feature 2:
Compact, high-performance, easy to install
Feature 3:
Stop and Start compatible
Feature 4:
Low power consumption
1.5000 lbs
Sale Type:
Free Wiring Kit with Amp