Kanto FMC1 Telescoping Corner TV Mount, 40" - 60"


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Mounting your TV in a corner can be a great way to deal with limited wall space or angled seating arrangements. While some full motion mounts achieve this by being installed on near-by studs, the Kanto FMC1’s unique 90° wall plate can be mounted squarely in a corner, ensuring a perfectly centered setup with far more flexibility. Suitable for wood stud and concrete walls, the Kanto FMC1 corner TV mount features a telescoping support arm that provides adequate space for TVs as large as 60 inches. It’s also capable of swiveling left and right, allowing your TV to be pushed up against adjacent walls, and tilting forwards and backwards to reduce glare and improve line-of-sight with your screen.

General Information -
• Supports 88 Pounds: Constructed out of steel, the FMC1 safely supports 40” to 60” TVs weighing up to 88 pounds, and features adjustable mounting brackets to accommodate VESA sizes from 100×100 to 600×400.
• Simple Corner Installation: Unlike other full motion mounts, the Kanto FMC1 corner TV mount’s unique 90° wall plate can be mounted squarely in the corner of any wood stud or concrete wall. Its contoured design ensures each lag bolt can be properly secured, regardless of how your studs are configured.
• Telescoping Arm: The telescopic TV wall mount’s support arm extends 20.4″ to 29.8″ from the corner, providing enough space for TVs as large as 60″.
• Swivels Left and Right: When sufficiently extended, this telescopic TV wall mount is capable of swiveling up to 90° left and right. This allows you to place your TV against the adjacent walls, or to make simple adjustments to your viewing angle.
• 16° of Tilt: The telescopic TV wall mount tilts 10° forwards and 6° backwards to reduce glare and improve line-of-sight with your TV. • Everything You Need: Along with a clearly labeled bolt pack, the corner TV mount comes with cable management straps and a wall plate cover to keep your viewing area tidy.

Extra Information

18.74 LBS
Feature 1:
TV Sizes: 40" to 60"
Feature 2:
Weight Allowance: 88 lbs (40 kg)
Feature 3:
VESA Sizes: 100 x 100 to 600 x 400
Feature 4:
Extension: 0.4″ (51.7 cm) to 29.8″ (75.7 cm) from the corner
Feature 5:
Profile: Sits 3.3″ (8.3 cm) from adjacent walls
18.7400 lbs
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