Alpine HDP-D90 Alpine Status 12-channel Car Amplifier with Digital Signal Processing


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Alpine HDP-D90 Status 14-Channel Hi-Res Digital Sound Processor Amplifier



With the highest quality music streaming available on the market, Alpine Status delivers a superior level of audio performance that will take your music to a whole new level.

  • High-Performance 14-Channel Digital Sound Processor Amplifier
  • Hi-Res Audio Playback (192kHz/24Bit)
  • PC Tuning Application
  • Selectable pre-configured sound system configurations
  • Embedded RTA signals for sound tuning
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming with included external module 
  • Optional Controller

Tech Specs

  • Hi-Res Audio Playback (192kHz/24Bit)
  • 14-Channel Inputs (All DSP control)
  • Inputs: 12-Channel Hi-level/2-Channel RCA/Optical (SPDIF)/Coaxial (Digital)
  • Outputs: 10-Channel RCA output/ 12-Channel High-Level amplified outputs (50W x 8 @ 4ohm + 80W x 4 @4ohm)
  • 31 Band Parametric or Graphic EQ
  • Channel mixing by Matrix Input Summing
  • Sampling Rate = Internal: 192kHz/32Bit
  • S/N: >110dB, THD: <0.001%
  • Hi pass/low pass crossover per channel
  • Time correction: up to7mm delay per channel
  • Sigma DSP (ADAU1467x2)

Superior Sound

Using expertise gleaned from over five decades of crafting premium car audio products and trickle-down engineering and design from the Ultra Hi-Res AlpineF#1Status system technologies, the Alpine Status system features exceptional tooling and rich build quality for the best possible sound reproduction. Each component was hand-picked from the highest-quality materials for the highest in-class audio performance, that when used as a complete system, can achieve 192kHz/24bit playback.

System Powerhouse

Building a sound system while overcoming acoustical challenges in the interior environment of the vehicle is no easy feat, however, the HDP-D90 14-Channel Hi-Res Digital Sound Processor Amplifier provides flexible system building and Hi-Res processing power up to 192kHz/24 Bit for an infallible listening experience.

Ultra-Processing Power

Custom developed for Hi-Res Playback, the HDP-D90 has a 192kHz/64Bit internal sampling rate and an ultra-wide audio bandwidth of 10Hz-110kHz for recording studio-level sound. Intentional designs, like a copper-plated chassis, bring the signal-to-noise ratio up to >110dB and minimize noise and distortion during playback for complete music fidelity that’s true to the original source.

System Flexibility

The HDP-D90 includes multiple source inputs for flexible system building for the option to retain a factory head unit, add an aftermarket head unit, or the Alpine Status HDS-990 Digital Media Controller. For older vehicles with no source player, the HDP-D90 can also function as a standalone music source and can receive music sent directly from a smartphone with Bluetooth® wireless streaming.

Powerful System Building

With 12-channels of amplifier outputs, the HDP-D90 can be used as a standalone source to power a 2-Way Speaker System, or for a more dynamic listening experience, includes 10-channels of RCA output for adding additional amplifiers to power a 3-way speaker system.

Optimized For Full System

The Alpine Status System is sold separately and can be used to build a custom sound system. Three sets of true 4V preamp outputs are included to add additional amplifiers if more power is needed. For best results, install the complete Alpine Status system together as a full system to achieve the highest in-class audio performance only second to the Ultra High-Resolution AlpineF#1System.

Extra Information

5.00 LBS
Feature 1:
The HDP-D90 features an ultra-wide Hi-Res Audio bandwidth of 10Hz to 110kHz. Very low phase shift and distortion ensure high-quality static performance and great imaging.
Feature 2:
It runs an internal sampling rate of 192kHz / 24bit and features a 14-Ch 31-band P-EQ, 3-Way X- Overs, and 12-Ch digital time correction with 7mm steps adjustment.
Feature 3:
The copper-plated chassis and other features bring the signal-to-noise ratio to >110dB.
Feature 4:
This means that a high degree of precision is required between the Head Unit, which sends the digital music data, and the DSP Amplifier, which receives the data and performs the sound tuning.
Feature 5:
The Alpine Status system uses an extremely high precision clock, having the same high specifications as top-grade home audio components, for both the Head Unit and the DSP Amplifier, ensuring the most compatible and accurate data transmission.
5.0000 lbs
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