Illusion Audio L6CX 6.5" Luccent Series Coaxial Speaker Kit - Pair

Illusion Audio

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You save $652.08


Luccent sound quality is smooth and seductive with plenty of dynamic punch. Bass is fast, extended and energizing. The sound stage is huge and significant so that the listener feels as if they are hearing it live.

Luccent Cone Material -
The Luccent cone is comprised of critically damped black polypropylene with deep cone geometry for maximum stiffness. Its profile is curved shaped to offer a smooth high frequency response that will blend effotlessly with the response of the tweeter. Also features a long life rubber surround for smooth frequency response with long linear stroke for low distortion.

Polymer Damped Aluminum Tweeter -
A high end polymer damped aluminum dome tweeter that is truly the best of both worlds as it sounds smooth like the best silk dome while having the high detail and low distortion of the best metal dome. This tweeter is extremely musical and never fatiguing. A rear chamber heat sink gives high power handling capacity to allow a 2000 Hz Crossover Frequency.

Coincident Tweeter Mounting -
A coincident tweeter is mounted directly on the pole piece of the woofer. This allows it to be perfectly time aligned with the woofer and takes advantage of the woofer cone boundary as a natural wave guide.

Features -
• Free Air Resonance: 68.19 Hz
• Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
• Sensitivity 2.83 v @ 1 meter : 89.1
• Outside Diameter: 166.5 mm
• Mounting Hole Diameter: 137.4 mm
• Mount Depth: 80.3 mm
• Point Source Tweeter
• 25 mm silk dome
• Bi Amp 12 dB crossover
• Maximum Linear Excursion: ± 7.7 mm

Parameters -
• Fs: 68.19 Hz
• Re: 2.93 Ohms
• Qms: 10.33
• Qes: 0.79
• Qts: 0.73
• Le: 0.20 mH
• Vas: 6.69 Liter
• Mms: 18.95 gram
• Cms: 287 uM/Newton
• BI: 5.5 Tesla-M
• SPLref: 89.1 (2.83 volts at 1 meter)
• Sd: 128.7 sq cm
• Xmax: 7.7 mm
• Xsus: 12 mm

Extra Information

Illusion Audio
8.00 LBS
Feature 1:
3000 Hz, 12 dB Linkwitz-Riley
Feature 2:
Polypropylene capacitors and air core inductors
Feature 3:
7 position tweeter loudness adjustment
Feature 4:
Tweeter overload protection
Feature 5:
Black polypropylene cone with rubber surround
8.0000 lbs
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