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- NPT1-116

MB Quart NPT1-116 Nautic Premium 6.5 Inch Wake Tower Speakers (Pair)

MSRP: $499.99 , - $30.00 Savings
MB Quart NPT1-116 Nautic Premium 6.5 Inch Wake Tower Speakers (Pair) -
The award winning MB Quart Nautic Premium waterproof marine certified, 6.5 inch coaxial wake tower (pod style) speaker for boat, RV and off-road vehicle audio installations. Sold in pairs with 3 color grill options included in each box.

Marine Grade Protection/IPX Rating -
LIFE SHIELD: Protected for water and dirt. UV protected against sun fade. 70 hour UVA burn in certfied. IPX68 Rated.

Tweeters -
A 1 inch Titanium Dome tweeter utilizing Waterproof Coated Silk Surround. The result of this configuration is natural sounding high frequency response while producing high volume (SPL) without the typical harshness or distortions which can occur at higher listening levels

Cone Material -
Injection Molded Composite Polypropylene Cone: Delivers impactful bass with minimal cone flex which can cause distortion or sloppy bass.

Surround/Cone Coupling -
Co-Molded Santoprene Surrounds: The cone and surround are coupled in such a way to maximize bass frequency power while remaining impervious to the outdoor environment including colder weather.

Gasket -
Molded Polymer Sealing gaskets are utilized to keep the speaker isolated from the mounting surface and improve protection from water intrusion.

Spider -
An Aramid fiber composite spider is used to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations. Aramid fibers do not degrade over time and are not susceptible to temperature swings.

Cooling System -
Front and rear venting allows air passage through the spider and back plate to exchange air over the voice coil.

Specifications -
• Speaker Power Handling RMS: 60W
• Speaker Power Handling Max: 120W
• Speaker Impedance (Ohms): 30Hz-22kHz
• Speaker Sensitivity: 91dB
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Feature 1:
Crossover: Butterworth 12dB per octave crossover with PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) tweeter protection
Feature 2:
Enclosure: Composite (UV resistant ASA + Fiberglass) cast enclosure provides strength and improved bass response with increased volume while remaining very light weight
Feature 3:
Frame: Composite (UV Resistant ASA + Fiberglass) Frames are incredible strong and lightweight, but most importantly for music they are inert, meaning they have no resonance frequency , this assures all music and minimal distortion
Feature 4:
Motor: The tweeters feature High-Energy N38H Neodymium Motors: The Neodymium magnet is the strongest that can be used while remaining very light-weight. The midwoofer utilizes a High-Energy Ferrite Magnet which allows the magnetic energy to react qui
Feature 5:
Connectors: Real 10 Karat Gold Plated, water resistant connectors provide protection against rust and corrosion
9.0000 lbs