Wet Sounds REVO 10 FA S4 V3 - REVO Series 10" Free Air 4 Ohm V3 Subwoofer, Black

Wet Sounds

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Wet Sounds REVO 10 FA S4 V3 - REVO Series 10" Free Air 4 Ohm V3 Subwoofer, Black

REVO V3 Series subwoofers are specifically engineered to produce outstanding results in marine environments, utilizing a Nylas™ Composite Frame to prevent any damage from extreme environmental use. With an Injection Molded Composite Cone for durability and low distortion, paired with a Santoprene™ Rubber Surround, you can enjoy low end bass without worry of damage from water, temperature & ultraviolet exposure. Updates have been made to the rear venting to allow better performance. REVO FA Subs are available in black with either single 2Ω or single 4Ω impedances. Grille not included, sold separately.

REVO 10” & 12” V3 Subwoofers share the same design features:
• Nylas™ Composite Frame - to withstand extreme environmental use. Designed to accept optional RGB wiring.
• Injection Molded Composite Cone – For durability & low distortion.
• Santoprene™ Rubber – Much more durable to water & temperature changes than a traditional treated cotton used by the majority of marine speakers & subwoofers.
• Santoprene™ Rubber Surround – Offers a superior bond to the composite cone. Also resists damage due to water, temperature & ultraviolet exposure.
• Stainless Steel Terminals – Designed to resist damage.
Optional RGB LED Kits are available to fit under all REVO 10” & 12” subwoofer grilles to enable users endless LED light display combinations.

Specifications -
• Sub Size: 10"
• Power Rating (RMS/PEAK): 300W | 600W
• Impedance (Ohms): 4Ω
• Frequency Response: 20Hz - 200Hz
• Sensitivity @ 1W/m: 85dB
• Voice Coil Size (Single): 2.5"
• Hole Cut-Out Size: 9.45" (240.03 mm)
• Mounting Depth: 4.62" (117.35 mm)
• Weight: 14 lbs. (6.35 kg)
• Application Type: Free Air
• Box Specs: Optimized for Infinite Baffle (Free Air) applications or 1.3 cu ft sealed enclosure

Extra Information

Wet Sounds
12.20 LBS
Manufacturer SKU:
REVO 10 FA S4 V3
Feature 1:
Experience exceptional bass performance: The Wet Sounds REVO 10 V3 Subwoofer delivers outstanding low-end bass with its Injection Molded Composite Cone and Rubber Surround, ensuring durability and low distortion even in harsh marine environments.
Feature 2:
Built to withstand extreme conditions: The subwoofer features a Composite Frame, specifically engineered to prevent damage from extreme environmental use. It resists damage caused by water, temperature changes, and ultraviolet exposure, ensuring reli
Feature 3:
Enhanced performance with updated rear venting: The REVO 10 V3 Subwoofer has been designed with improved rear venting, allowing for better performance and optimal airflow, preventing overheating and maximizing sound quality.
Feature 4:
Easy installation and compatibility: The subwoofer comes in a 10" size with a 4Ω impedance, making it suitable for various marine audio setups. It is designed to fit into a 9.45" hole cut-out size, ensuring a seamless installation process.
Feature 5:
The Wet Sounds REVO 10 V3 Subwoofer Grilles (sold separately) not only offer a choice of 8 designs to fit your boat's aesthetic, but they are also compatible with the optional RGB LED Kit. With this kit, you can elevate your marine audio system by ad
12.2000 lbs
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