Fusion Entertainment SG-DA82000 Signature Series 8 Channel Marine Amplifier

Fusion Entertainment

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Introducing an impressive new addition to Fusion’s Signature Series marine amplifier range: the SG-DA82000.

Our most efficient, stunning and powerful marine amplifier, the SG-DA82000 also features a True-Marine design that will resist corrosion. Its incredible 2000 Watt peak power will power up to 8 pairs of speakers at 2 Ohms (2 x 4 Ohm speakers per channel in parallel) or up to 4 pairs of speakers at 2 Ohms (2 x 4 Ohm speakers per channel in parallel) and 2 subwoofers.

The SG-DA82000 is Fusion's first 8 channel, Class-D Hi-Fi marine amplifier. The key benefit of a Class-D amplifier is that it has a low battery drain with high output, making this the perfect amplifier for the marine environment. The SG-DA82000 also has conformal coated PCBs for maximum product life and performance, plus the amplifier chassis is a heat sink, to reduce component core temperature and increase efficiency.

Frequency Response 10 Hz to 40 kHz (-3 dB @ 4 Ohm rated power)
Peak Power Output 2000 W
Rated Power Output (4 Ohm) 100 W rms x 8 @ 14.4 V input < 1% THD+N (EIA/CEA-490A)
Rated Power Output (2 Ohm) 140 W rms x 8 @ 14.4 V input < 1% THD+N (EIA/CEA-490A)
Rated Power Output (4 Ohm Bridged) 280 W rms x 4 @ 14.4 V input < 1% THD+N (EIA/CEA-490A)
Input Sensitivity 0.3 V to 8 V rms, user adjustable
Input Impedance 7k Ohm nominal
High-Pass/Low-Pass Full Range Filter Yes, user selectable
Filter Cross-Over Frequency 32 Hz to 320 Hz, user adjustable
Filter Cross-Over Slope 12 db/octave
Bass-Boost 0 to 9 dB, user adjustable (zone 2/4 only)
Current Consumption (Standby) < 1 mA @ 14.4 V input
Current Consumption (Idle) < 2.5 A @ 14.4 V input
Current Consumption (Max) 100 A @ 14.4 V input
Fuse Rating 4 x 40 A ATC Blade-Type (SAE J1171 Compliant)
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Ingress Protection Rating Dry area installation only
Weight 5.20 kg with cover or 11.5 lb with cover

Extra Information

Fusion Entertainment
11.50 LBS
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Feature 1:
Class-D Amplifier Technology - The highly efficient Class-D design provides 2000-Watts peak power whilst drawing less current than a standard Class-AB amplifier. This design provides increased efficiency and power output to your speakers, letting you
Feature 2:
2000 Watts Peak Power – With a peak power of 2000 watts, you can easily power up to 8 pairs of speakers or up to 4 pairs of speakers with 2 subwoofers.
Feature 3:
Marine-Ready Design with Conformal Coated PCBs - Extending the life of your amplifiers, the Signature Series are designed specifically for marine use with conformal coated PCBs to provide extra protection from the marine elements.
Feature 4:
Rigid Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink - Molded to form a singular die-cast chassis, the fin layout is calculated with precision to increase the surface area of the heat sink and improve heat dissipation.
Feature 5:
Zone Designation - To align with the Fusion entertainment system zone philosophy, the input and output connections are labelled as zones.
11.5000 lbs
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