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CreativeAudio.Net Has Offered Car, Marine, Motorcycle, Powersport and Home Lifestyle Products with Pride for Over 30 Years. Started in Pittsburg, KS in 1991 we've since grown to numerous retail locations around the Ozarks and have greatly expanded our online offerings.
Creative Audio is an automotive, marine and home lifestyle company that provides excellent product, innovation, and custom installations. We created an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. We are home to very creative installers and innovators, and we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service in the market. Give us a call today and you'll see that we strive for nothing less than Five-Star service.

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Soundshield Single Roll 11sq ft Sound Deadening Kit

Rock out harder on road trips with the Soundshield car noise deadening door kit. Many people spend a lot of their day driving. From commuting to work, going appliance shopping and even trekking across the state with family—driving has become a big part of modern daily life. As a result, many of us have gotten used to the loud nature of our vehicles and the road. This was an aspect of life we had to accept in the past, but now there is a solution. This kit keeps audio inside the vehicle while reducing outside noise when driving. Don't let obnoxious construction get in the way of your conversations any longer. And feel free to crank up the volume on your speaker for your favorite tunes. Less audio leakage means that you hear your music more clearly while the outside world hears it less. This quality is made possible because of the product's effective design.

What separates Soundshield from the competition is its multi-layered approach to noise reduction. The product consists of sheets 4.5 mm thick, 3 mm of which is of closed cell acoustic foam. Unlike the alternative open cell foam, it better defends against moisture. This prevents mildew and mold from growing after a rainstorm and maintains effectiveness in multiple different climates. The other layers are made up of an aluminum foil core and 1.5 mm of butyl rubber. Both of these materials work together to optimize audio reduction. The butyl rubber adds density to the foil, which is an effective noise reduction agent. It then uses high tac adhesives for simple and effective installation. One package comes with sheets over six feet in length and more than a foot and a half wide. It is also quite hefty at 9 lb, fortifying your vehicle and the sense that it is made of high-quality materials. Enjoy premium and private audio thanks to this kit.
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Feature 1:
Uniquely Designed with a focus on the dynamics of sound and behavior with vehicular acoustics
Feature 2:
Materials that lead the industry in sound absorption for maximum efficiency
Feature 3:
Waterproof, closed-cell foam to prevent_x0003_ swelling and mold make it great in any environment
9.0000 lbs