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CreativeAudio.Net Has Offered Car, Marine, Motorcycle, Powersport and Home Lifestyle Products with Pride for Over 30 Years. Started in Pittsburg, KS in 1991 we've since grown to numerous retail locations around the Ozarks and have greatly expanded our online offerings.
Creative Audio is an automotive, marine and home lifestyle company that provides excellent product, innovation, and custom installations. We created an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. We are home to very creative installers and innovators, and we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service in the market. Give us a call today and you'll see that we strive for nothing less than Five-Star service.

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Definitive STUDIO-SLIM Sound Bar


Out Of Stock

The 3.1 channel Studio Slim sound bar delivers ultra-precise, high-resolution, room-filling home theater sound in an ultra-sleek compact bar that punches far above its weight.

Hearing is Believing -
There’s nothing slim about the sound. Dedicated left, center, and right channel drivers and amps for advanced sound decoding, precise imaging, and a wide soundstage. And an 8” wireless subwoofer that lets you feel the action with tight, accurate low end.

Adjustable Center Channel for Crystal-Clear Dialogue -
Control the voice levels in the center channel so you can hear dialogue from TV shows and movies with the utmost clarity.

8" Wireless Subwoofer for Bigtime Bass -
Paired with the Studio Slim sound bar, the included 8” wireless subwoofer reproduces deep bass and extends the overall sonic range. Feel the rumble of an action scene or full-range soundtrack with tight, accurate bass and room-filling sound.

Movie Mode -
Movie Mode widens the soundstage and heightens dialogue and effects for immersive home theater, making your movie feel even more cinematic.

Music Mode -
Music Mode focuses the imaging and simplifies processing, resulting in accurate, uncolored reproduction for the music purist. Nothing gets in the way of beautiful music reproduction.

Night Mode -
Night Mode tailors overall output and bass response for more subdued late-night viewing. Now everyone can sleep while you play a game or watch a movie.

Features -
• Design: Bar
• Amplification: Self-powered
• Separate Subwoofer: Yes
• Wireless Surrounds: No
• Number Of Channels: 3.1

Surround Formates -
• Dolby Digital: Yes
• DTS: Yes
• Dolby Atmos: No
• DTS:X: No

Audio Enhancements -
• Dialogue Enhancement: Yes
• Auto Volume: Night
• Night Mode: ---
• Virtual Surround: DTS TruSurround
• Auto Calibration: No
In store only. Call 800-854-5821 for availability.
Feature 1:
Bluetooth Streaming for Even Easier Music
Feature 2:
Ultra-Slim Design for Placement in the Most Tasteful Rooms
Feature 3:
HDMI for Convenient Setup
Feature 4:
Google Chromecast Music Built-In
Feature 5:
Only 1.75" Tall for Unobtrusive Viewing and a Tasteful Presence in the Room
20.0000 lbs