Kicker 51PSC652 PSC65 6.5-Inch PowerSports Weather-Proof Coaxial Speakers, 2-Ohm


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You save $70.03


Unleash the power of exceptional sound with the Kicker 51PSC652 PSC65 6.5-Inch PowerSports Weather-Proof Coaxial Speakers. Engineered for the adventurous, these 2-Ohm speakers are not just an audio upgrade - they are your ticket to a truly immersive sound experience, even when you're geared up in a helmet.

Key Features:
Ruggedly Weather-Proof: Designed to brave the elements, these speakers feature a weatherproof build, ensuring your music doesn't stop, rain or shine.
High-Quality Sound: Equipped with titanium tweeters and neodymium magnets, they deliver crystal-clear, crisp sound quality that cuts through ambient noise.
Powerful Performance: Optimized to work best with 60 watts of recommended power, these speakers can peak up to 120 watts (per ANSI/CTA-2031-A), ensuring robust and dynamic sound performance.
Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to complex modifications or added bulk. These speakers are designed for easy integration without altering the fearing or increasing weight.

Specifications: • Woofer Size: 6-1/2 inches (160 mm)
• Tweeter Size: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
• Impedance: 2 Ohms
• Sensitivity: 92.5 dB (1w/1m)
• Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
• Mounting Depth: 2 inches (50 mm)
• Weight: 15.2 oz (430 g)
• Mounting Dimensions: Hole Diameter - 5-1/16 inches (128 mm), Top Mount Height - 1/4 inch (6.5 mm)

What’s in the Box:
• 2 PSC65 Speakers
• 8 M4 x 25mm Pan Cross Head Woodscrews
• 2 Grilles for aesthetic and protective function
• 2 12” Wiring Harnesses for hassle-free setup
• 4 22ga Red Crimp-style Butt Connectors
• 2 Kicker Badges for brand assurance

Whether you're navigating rugged trails or cruising city streets, the Kicker 51PSC652 PSC65 Speakers are your reliable companions for high-grade sound quality that stands the test of elements and time. Get ready to elevate your Powersports audio experience!

Extra Information

1.23 LBS
Feature 1:
Weather-Proof Warrior: Brave any weather with the Kicker 51PSC652's rugged, weather-proof design, ensuring your music thrives in any conditions, from sunny days to stormy nights.
Feature 2:
Crystal-Clear Sound: Experience superior sound quality with titanium tweeters and neodymium magnets, cutting through ambient noise for a crisp, clear audio journey.
Feature 3:
Dynamic Powerhouse: With 60 watts of optimal power and a peak of 120 watts, these speakers promise a robust, dynamic sound performance that enhances every ride.
Feature 4:
Simplified Integration: Enjoy easy installation without complex modifications or added bulk, designed to seamlessly integrate into your Powersports setup.
Feature 5:
Comprehensive Package: Comes complete with 2 PSC65 Speakers, installation hardware, grilles for protection and aesthetics, wiring harnesses, connectors, and Kicker badges for a hassle-free, high-quality setup.
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