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- APK165-2

Audison APK 165 Ω2 Prima Series 6.5" 2-Way Component Speaker Set; AP 1 + AP 6.5 2Ω + Grilles

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APK 165 Ohm2 - KIT 2Way AP 1+AP 6.5 Ohm2+Grilles

APK 165 Ω2 system features 2 crossovers dedicated to woofer and tweeter and separated, to ease the installation. APCX WF Ω2 crossover shapes AP 6.5 Ω2’s frequency response to match it optimally with AP 1 tweeter; it also employs a Low ESR inductor, essential to maximize the power transfer to the 2Ω coil. APCX TW Ω2 tweeter crossover, instead, is provided with the Hi-Contour function, to enhance the high frequencies, designed to achieve the correct timbre balance with rich low frequencies guaranteed by the woofer.

Features -
• 2Ω impedance, to fully exploit the 65 W power per channel at 2Ω of the AP8.9 bit amplifier.
• 75 Hz resonance frequency, to extend the frequency range down to low frequencies up to 50 Hz and increase the SPL in the low range.
• 25 mm mobile voice coil to maximize efficiency achieving 95 dB.
• 10 mm winding height mobile voice coil to increase maximum linear excursion up to 2,8 mm and minimize distortion, even at high listening levels.
• APCX WF Ω2, dedicated woofer crossover with low-loss voice coils to shape the frequency response for optimal match with the tweeter.
• APCX TW Ω2, tweeter crossover featuring the Hi-Contour function to enhance high frequencies, designed to achieve the correct timbre balance with rich low frequencies guaranteed by the woofer.
• AP 1 tweeter with acoustic lens designed to balance the frequency response in the 10kHz - 13kHz range, to optimize the product’s acoustic emission in the critical OEM placements, where the product performance is affected by the presence of the factory grille.
• Connection cable built in the passive crossover and ending with “OEM Integration compliant” fast-on connectors. The ends, different in each of the two poles, eliminate any possible connection errors, speeding up the installation process and making it safe in the course of time.
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Manufacturer SKU:
Feature 1:
Power Handling: 100W Continuous Power
Feature 2:
Power Handling: 300W Peak Power
Feature 3:
Impedance: 2 Ohms
Feature 4:
Frequency Response: 50 – 20k Hz
Feature 5:
Sensitivity: 95 dB
6.9700 lbs