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- bit-one.1

Audison bit one.1 Signal Interface Processor with 8 Channels In and Out

MSRP: $900.00 , - $80.01 Savings

Despite its compact size, the bit One is equipped with a powerful 266 MHz / 32 bit floating point DSP microprocessor, working in real time on all the functions of the most complete systems. Managed and configured by a simple and intuitive computer software, it is possible to make adjustments to improve the signal through each phase of its path; from input to output. Eight input channels for four different signal typologies (amplified, pre-amplified, coaxial electric and TOSLINK optical digital) and six different sources managed through a remote control, making the bit One a unique interface suitable for any need. Eight analog and/or digital output channels ensure a wide expandability for any audio system configuration.

Features -
• Audio - DSP and converters 32-BIT floating point Analog Devices Sharc (Clock speed: 266MHz) Digital Signal Processing chip and Wolfson A/D D/A converters working in PCM at 48kHz with 24 Bit resolution. Tuning functions can be heard in real time due to processing speed.
• Audio - Inputs 8 independent high-level channels (with automatic summing capability) or 6 independent analog low-level channels; 2 analog low-level stereo auxiliary inputs; 1 optical digital input; 1 electric coaxial digital input; 1 high-level momentary audio interrupt input (with Mute IN) for use with mobile phone or navigation systems.
• Audio - Outputs 8 independent low-level analog channels featuring adjustable level and 1 AD Link output (8 independent digital audio channels through a single CAT 5.S LAN cable for use with AD Link provided amplifiers).
• Digital Control System - 1 USB /B (2.0) connector for PC connection; 2 AC Link control bus connectors for DRC and AC Link amplifiers.
• Configuration - Guided procedure that, thanks to a wide range of set names, provides the ability to assign each component to the bit One connections and automatically coordinate their functioning.
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Manufacturer SKU:
Feature 1:
Digital Inputs: 2
Feature 2:
Analog Outputs: 8
Feature 3:
Digital Outputs: 8
Feature 4:
Equalizers for Each Output: 31-band graphic equalizer (1/3 Oct.; ±12dB)
Feature 5:
Crossover Filter Type: Full / Hi-Pass / Low Pass / Band Pass
5.3800 lbs