Alpine S2-S69 - Next-Generation S-Series 6x9" Coaxial Speaker Set


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You save $30.05


Alpine S2-S69 - Next-Generation S-Series 6x9" Coaxial Speaker Set

Newly redesigned and Hi-Res Audio Certified, the Next-Generation S-Series S2-S69 6x9” Coaxial Speakers offer a new standard in entry-level sound performance.

Hi-Res Certified – Using “trickle-down” technology, inspired design, and performance cues from the Ultra-High-Resolution AlpineF#1Status system, the Next-Generation Alpine S-Series Speakers are now Hi-Res Audio Certified and able to reproduce up to 40kHz frequency response. This new benchmark in sound quality elevates the Next-Gen S-Series Speakers resulting in a more accurate and natural sound at an entry-level price point.

Reliable Performance – Crafted with a unique combination of Poly Propylene, Glass Fiber, and Mica Cone materials, the S2-S69 is designed for lightweight construction, high output, and low distortion, giving you a clean and accurate audio experience.

HAMR Surround - Alpine-exclusive High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround technology is integrated into the speaker design which allows for maximum cone movement, delivering powerful and accurate bass notes.

Protect Your Speaker - The S-Series S2-S69 is compatible with the KTE-S69G Speaker Grille (sold separately). This sleek and stylish grille will not only add a visual upgrade to your speakers but also provide protection against any damage.

• Woofer Size: 6x9”
• Tweeter Size: 1” (Coaxial)
• Maximum Peak Power: 260W
• Maximum RMS Power: 85W
• Frequency Response: 65Hz - 40kHz (Hi-Res)
• Hi-Res Audio Certified
• Poly Propylene, Glass Fiber, and Mica Cone Material
• High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (H.A.M.R.) Surround
• Integrated 1” Tweeters (Coaxial)
• Compatible with KTE-S69G Speaker Grille (sold separately)

Extra Information

8.82 LBS
Feature 1:
Hi-Res Audio Certified: Enjoy a new standard of sound quality with Hi-Res Audio Certification, delivering up to 40kHz frequency response for an accurate and natural listening experience.
Feature 2:
Reliable Performance: Experience clean and accurate audio with the lightweight yet durable construction of the S2-S69, designed with Poly Propylene, Glass Fiber, and Mica Cone materials for high output and low distortion.
Feature 3:
Immersive Bass: The Alpine-exclusive HAMR Surround technology allows for maximum cone movement, delivering powerful and precise bass notes that enhance your audio experience.
Feature 4:
Enhanced Compatibility: With a 6x9" woofer size and integrated 1" tweeters, this coaxial speaker set offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for upgrading your vehicle's audio system.
Feature 5:
Protect Your Investment: Compatible with the KTE-S69G Speaker Grille (sold separately), this sleek and stylish accessory not only adds visual appeal but also provides protection against potential damage to your speakers.
8.8200 lbs
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