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BLUAVE XMSE2-Loaded XMSE 2 X-Line Loaded 10" Subwoofer Enclosure, 500 Watt Max

BLUAVE XMSE2-Loaded XMSE 2 X-Line Loaded 10" Enclosure

Enclosure Features:
Made from Durable LLPDE Plastic
UV Resistant Finish
Black Color
Outside Diameter 10 1/2" H x 17 1/2" W x 10 1/2" D
Fits over 90% of all boats
Ideal to use in conjunction with MSG-W or MSG-S subwoofer vent
Mounting Hardware NOT Included
Subwoofer Mounting Depth 6 5/8"
Subwoofer Max Outer Diameter 10 5/8"
Subwoofer Mounting Diameter 9 1/4"
Includes subwoofer gasket
Lightweight Un-Loaded Marine Enclosure -Tuned @38hz

Made of durable lightweight UV resistant LLPDE (polyeurathane) material, the MSE is a vented enclosure designed for a 10" subwoofer. It's small, extremely tough stature allows it to be installed in nearly every boat make & model. By using the MSE and MSV together you will increase ventilation and improve sound output of the MSE. These features make the MSE achieve much greater output and sound quality than the traditional marine free air application.

Subwoofer Features:
Power handling: 250 W
Impedance: 2ohm
Resonant Frequency: 37 (loaded enclosure)
Sound Pressure Level: 87dB + 2dB (at 1M 1W)
10" Diameter
Overall Weight: 5.0kg (176 oz)
Coil size: 2.4" (60.6mm)
Magnet Weight: 33.9oz*2
Suggested power range: 250 RMS / 500 PEAK
Integrated LEDs - RGB 9pcs 5050 RGB, DC 12V

Revc: 2.245 ohm
Fo: 37 Hz
Sd: 31.259m sqM
Vas: 29.051m cuM
Cms: 209.373u M/N
Mmd: 63.508 g
Mms: 66.686 g
BL: 7.134 TM
Qms: 8.221
Qes: 0.787
Qts: 0.718
Levc: 389.355u H
No: 0.276%
SPLo: 86.423dB
In stock and ready to ship!
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Feature 1:
Enclosure Made from Durable LLPDE Plastic
Feature 2:
UV Resistant Finish
Feature 3:
Fits over 90% of all boats
Feature 4:
Power handling: 250 W
Feature 5:
Impedance: 2ohm
10.0000 lbs