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Our Joplin, Missouri location was opened in 1994. Our employees have been involved in turning the 6,700 square foot building into the custom car audio shop it is today! Located on historic Route 66 downtown on the corner of 7th and Main, the store draws business from the traffic of the surrounding four states due to its central location and reputation of being a premier car audio store.

Window Tinting

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Contact Us

Creative Audio Joplin
629 S Main St
Joplin, MO 64801
Monday - Friday 9a-6p
Saturday 9a-5p
Sunday Closed
P: 417-623-3388
E: dquestelle@creativeaudio.net
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• Cruise Control by Rostra
• iPod/MP3 Integration by iSimple
• Leather Kits by Katzkin
• Mobile Audio from JL AudioKickerAlpine, Sony & JVC
• Marine & Powersports Audio from JL AudioKicker & Alpine with Lakeside service avaliable
• Window Tint by Solar Gard
• Remote Start, Security & Keyless Entry by Viper 

Dakotah Questelle - Regional Manager

Started: 4/29/14
Certifications - MECP Mobile Product Specialist, Basic MECP
Became MECP Certified in 2015
Very well known in the local Minitruck scene and a member of Definite Obsessions car group.

Dave Sisco - Installation

Started: 08/03/1999
Certifications - Advanced MECP, Mobile Product Specialist
Became Advanced Certified in 2009
15 years experience in custom fabrication, remote start and automotive technologies

Daniel Sharp - Installation

Started: 1/30/17
Certifications - MECP Basic Installation
Became Basic certified on 8/30/2017 - Life long automotive tinkerer and has been involved in mobile electronics for the past 15 years.

Zach Medlock - Installation

Started: 11/20/10
Certifications - Advanced MECP
Became Basic certified on 6/17/2011 and Advanced on 3/18/2016. Experienced in window tint, remote start, and auto technologies. 2010 graduate of Installers Institute from Holly Hill Florida in which he is also MESA certified.

Dalton Youngblood - Mobile Product Specialist

Started: 10/31/16
Certifications - MECP Product Specialist & MECP Basic Installation
Became MECP certified on 1/27/2017
Local Joplinite and Apple fanboy. Has years of sales experience and his product knowledge continues to grow with the industry. Can't get enough of his Kia Soul. #SOULM8.

Matt Jones - Mobile Product Specialist

Started: 3/17/17
Certifications - MECP Product Specialist
Became Basic MECP certified on 11/29/2017
His customer service is impeccable and his phone voice is that of the movie phone guy mixed with the best parts of Mel Blanc. Went to school at Tulsa Tech for Automotive Technologies. Local rap musician. Loves a good dad joke.


Kyle Bottoroff - Mobile Product Specialist

Started: 1/22/18
Certifications - MECP Product Specialist
Became Basic MECP certified on 2/22/2018
Our youngest member of the Joplin Creative Team to be MECP certified. #Supreme, V6 Camaro, Loves JL Audio, James Blunt says he’s beautiful, Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year, Beanie connoisseur.

Not really Time's person of the year, because everyone was that year. James Blunt didn't say that either.


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