Kicker 47KEY5001 500-Watt Mono Channel Amp With Start/Stop Capability


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You save $30.00


Kicker 47KEY5001 KEY 1-Channel DSP Smart Amplifier, 1x500W
The KEY500.1 is a smart subwoofer amplifier and audio processor in one, featuring an AI-driven DSP (digital signal processing). Using KICKER’s supplied test tones, the KEY automatically analyzes the audio being fed into the amplifier. Once this signal has been analyzed, the amp will automatically fix peaks in the signal coming in and restore the low bass that is typically missing. In a matter of moments, you get a clean, even bass response from your amp!

Craft your sound with ease! The KEY500.1 comes with 24dB sub-sonic and low-pass crossovers, bass boost and gain controls.

Measuring about eight inches long and less than two inches high, the KEY500.1 fits nearly anywhere. Mount it behind your glove box, under the seat, or in your trunk with ease.

The amplifier also features FIT 2+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology 2 PLUS) – which provides nearly universal compatibility with stock or aftermarket radios. Another industry first, the KEY500.1 is uniquely suited to accept factory input signals as high as 40 volts (400 watts). The KEY amplifier will work with almost every car on the road today, whether you have a factory or aftermarket audio system.

Specifications -
• Power (watts/ch), 1 Ohm stereo: 500
• Power (watts/ch), 2 Ohm stereo: 300
• Power (watts/ch), 4 Ohm stereo: 150
• Microphone/Kicker EQ button: included
• Standard dimensions(H x W x L)(in, cm) 1-11/16, 4.3 x 2-3/4, 7 x 7-3/8, 18.7
• Frequency Response (Hz): 10-160
• Input Sensitivity: high level: 1V-40V / low level: 125mV-5V
• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >90dB, a-weighted, re: rated power
• Selectable Electronic Crossover: Variable Low Pass 40-160 Hz, Variable High Pass 10-40 Hz
• What's in the Box: 1 - fuse holder, 1 - manual and installation hardware

Extra Information

2.50 LBS
Feature 1:
Don’t just make your system louder - make it clearer. Make it better.
Feature 2:
Press the selector, and the microphone goes to work. The KEY uses a powerful internal computer to deliver dramatic improvements in realism and soundstage.
Feature 3:
A massive 40-band equalizer improves tonality, and a 24dB crossover re-defines the capabilities of each speaker.
Feature 4:
The concert quality of your factory stereo is revealed! What would take hours for a professional to achieve happens in a matter of minutes.
2.5000 lbs
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