JBL R4500 Wake Series Marine Digital Media Receiver AM/FM, 4-Channel High Power, Bluetooth DIN Style Radio w/ Color LCD Screen / Zone control


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You save $50.00


Bring JBL Sound to your Boat -
This JBL Wake Series marine digital media receiver combines JBL's reputation for great sound with marine-rated toughness. With its compact, weather-resistant design, built-in amplifier, and 4" color LCD display, it's the ideal centerpiece for your boat's stereo system.

Play Anything -
This Wake Series receiver sports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for greater range, so you can listen to music streamed from your smartphone or other devices from just about anywhere on your craft. You can also check AM/FM/WB radio, of course, or you can use the USB and auxiliary inputs to access tunes stored on a thumb drive or portable music player.

Get Your System Started -
The R4500 is 2-ohm stable, so it can power up to eight 4-ohm speakers. It also features a pair of rear-mounted preamp outputs, so you can expand your system with a marine amp in the future. Three sets of line level differentials allow you to control left, right, and sub for each zone. Because it's made for outdoor use, the R4500 will give you clear, accurate sound even when you decide to really crank up the volume.

Features -
• marine digital media receiver (does not play CDs)
• built-in amplifier (20 watts RMS/55 peak x 4 channels)
• 4" color LCD screen
• built-in Bluetooth® 5.0 for music streaming
• AM/FM/Weather Band tuner
• IPX7-rated watertight; UV-resistant front panel
• NMEA 2000-ready
• inputs: rear AUX and USB ports
• outputs: 2-channel preamp outputs
• 2-ohm stable so built-in amp can power up to 8 speakers
• three sets of line level differentials
• wired to work with select Infinity or Milennia remotes
• warranty: 1 year

Extra Information

2.10 LBS
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Feature 1:
The JBL R4500 marine receiver features an IPX7 rating, and has been engineered and tested for use in the harsh marine environment.
Feature 2:
The JBL R4500's NMEA2000 connector allows the unit to be seamlessly added to your boat's onboard NMEA 2000 network, enabling control and two-way communication of the marine receiver directly from your boat's Multi-Function Display (MFD) device.
Feature 3:
The JBL R4500 features a 4" front-panel color screen that supports song/artist/album information (including Album Art) from connected Bluetooth and USB audio devices.
Feature 4:
The JBL R4500 supports the connection of a marine wired remote control.
Feature 5:
The JBL R4500 is equipped with a built-in 50W (Peak) x 4ch amplifier that is 2-ohm stable, plus is outfitted with 3 sets of pre-outs to create a muti-zone audio system (up to 3 Zones).
2.1000 lbs
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